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Art and friendship

2 avril 2008

SHE is presently attracted by abstract explosions looking like firmaments; HE is attracted by the tulips’ vivid colors and the patrimonial houses. All together, they prove that art allows to encounters that may become strong friendships. This contrasting duo is formed by Saint-Hyacinthe painters Doris Chasse et Yves Morier, who present the exposition Richness and Impulsions, until April 6, 2008, at the T.-A. St-Germain library.

By Veronique Lemonde (from Le Courrier de Saint-Hyacinthe, Wednesday, April 2, 2008).

The two friends paint for such a long time that they hardly can remember when their first artistic encounter was. Around 1995, maybe 1994. Symposiums, Saint-Pie-de-Bagot Painters’ Path and many other artistic events allowed this friendship between Doris Chasse and Yves Morier to grow. They remember that one day, they painted together all day and at the end of the day, they decided to trade their two completed paintings.

“We often made informal painting together, but lately, we decided: why don’t we form a duo?’, says Yves Morier, also judge at the Provincial Court.

Abstract Skies

From these two very contrasting universes a beautiful coherence appears for whoever has a chance to discuss with these two passionates. 

Doris Chasse, even though she now paints abstract, says that she still lives ”an interior fight between figurative and abstract”. “When I began, I mostly painted figurative, then, in the 90’s, abstract came into my paintings. Even today, what I teach is mostly academic. But, in my most recent paintings, I made the choice to paint abstract”, says Doris Chasse.

Full of texture, her artwork (mixed techniques) seems coming from astronomy books with their nebulas, stars or constellation strokes. But Doris Chasse let the visitors read in it. “For me, Doris is like a Riopelle” congratulates Yves Morier, showing us a newspaper print on the 60th anniversary of the famous Global Refusal. “I am touched by Yves’ saying, because Riopelle is a great artist. I especially like his saying “when you start a painting, you have to deny all the others”, says Mrs. Chasse.

Color Richness

Yves Morier presents a series of paintings (oil and acrylic) where Quebec patrimonial architecture, from which many downtown Saint-Hyacinthe scenes, travels and vivid colors meet. 

Very flexible and moving, Yves Morier’s strokes bring some fantasy to the often urban landscapes. Paintings from his trip to Italy, last winter, really show the vivid colors characterizing his production.

“In my duty as a judge, I make respect the rules, then, in painting, I am spontaneous, I burst. Let’s say that my vanishing points are not always impeccable”, says Yves Morier. This art bursting, this exutory, Doris Chasse also lives it, when she has to teach very precise techniques to her students. “I did not know that Yves was seeing painting from this point of view versus his work as a judge, as I see it versus my work as a paint teacher”.

Once again, the two painter friends just discovered another aspect that reunites their love of arts.

The exposition Richness and Impulsions will last until April 21st. A vernissage will e held this Sunday, April 6, from 13h to 16h, with the presence of the two artists.

Doris Chasse and Yves Morier: two Saint-Hyacinthe painters and a strong friendship.


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