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The painting Judge

8 mars 2000

He jealously keeps home a painting from his old aunt Rebecca. Judge Morier has first admired others’ paintings, during many years, before starting to paint by himself. He would then cover the art galleries circuit, even going to New York City, to satisfy his passion for beauty and his admiration for artwork. Twenty years ago, he decided to jump into it. “Serenity” is Judge Morier’s first solo exposition, being born in Saint-Hyacinthe (called a “Maskoutain”).

By Denise Begin (from Le Courrier de Saint-Hyacinthe, Wednesday, March 8, 2000).

His father was a florist and a photographer. “I used to work with my father at his florist store. He was showing me how to make flower arrangements and to match colors.” When ready to register for university, I choose to go to Quebec City. The Old-Quebec style attracted me. I then started to tour the art galleries with a friend. Once, I met with Miyuki Tanobe, but meeting Louis Tremblay, a painter from Charlevoix region, which came to expose his artwork in Saint-Hyacinthe, really made my decision. “After talking with him and seeing his artwork, I felt the urge to paint”.

Mr. Morier then takes painting lessons and begins his great artistic adventure, which, he says, brings him a great serenity. “To be a judge means lots of listening and even if painting consists more in looking and be filled with moving beauties, it is in listening that one can transpose his view on a panel or a canvas”, he says.

The judge talks about his passion for painting very humbly. “I do not pretend to be a great painter… I would say that I daub and I like it. My paintings are showing my personal look at things. They often correspond to a precise memory.

Serenity… is a term that often comes into his conversation. This is also the title of his solo exposition held until March 31st, 2000, at the T.-A. St-Germain library.

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